Founder's Story

Why I fell for Cryo Slimming - the ultimate biohack.

I hold a Bachelor of Medical Science and am a certified Health Coach with the Human Potential Institute - founded by known biohacker Dave Aspery. I am dedicated to helping my clients achieve their optimal body with a holistic approach, supported by biohacking.


After having my second baby I went on a health kick and became the fittest of my life! I then was hit with a second endocrine disease and gained weight that is resistant to calorie restriction and exercise.


In the UK and I had cyroslimming on my inner thighs and tummy and it was like a miracle! My hard work training was finally revealed. 


I'm so excited bring this amazing technology to my hometown, Sydney. 

"I believe in a holistic approach to fat loss. I've worked with enough women to know that being healthy doesn't mean being lean and severe calorie restriction should be avoided.  


With a background in health coaching and biohacking,  I am excited to offer this amazing body sculpting technology and am committed to helping you achieve the best version of yourself."