Cryolipolisis is scientifically proven to permanently reduce fat. The Cryoskin Revolution uses the additional benefit of heating the skin first to induce the shock experienced by the fat cells leading to a great percentage of cell fat cell death. To review medical journal articles on the safety and effectiveness of cryolipolisis see published scientific journal articles on PubMed. However, not all fat cells are eliminated and they can expand at a later time - so it's important to maintain a health lifestyle. 

The majority of people get fat loss in the targeted area after 3-10 sessions. You'll lose measurable volume and you'll find the stubborn fat pockets literally melt away. Clothes will fit better, your sillhouette will be contoured. When you bend over in yoga, you won't have the tummy roll, when you walk your legs won't chafe - you'll feel better for it. 

A standards 'treatment area' is the equivalent to an A4 area made up of 2xA5 areas (1 on each side of the body). Some areas will be smaller to treat (an less expensive). Anticipate to be in a consultation for 45minutes - 1hour. 

Our treatments are half the cost and deliver superior results - what more could you want? The Cryoskin wand can treat any area of the body - even thin layers of fat and hard to reach spots. Unlike the cups, the wand can contour beautifully without harsh treatment lines aka 'shelving'. Plus the actual therapy is far more enjoyable and lower risk and uses heating first to induce greater thermal shock in the fat cells. One of the most frustrating aspects of the suction cups is that they don't even treat the areas you need or you need multiple cups to cover the area, increasing the price by up to x4 the cost of the Cryoskin treatment. 

Fat freezing is not a weight loss solution - it is the solution to deal with stubborn fat pockets. The best candidates are people who lead a healthy lifestyle, eat healthily and exercise yet still have stubborn areas of fat. It can be anyone, younger women with a problem area, women who have had children and have a mum-tum, menopausal women with the menopot or even guys with love handles. Even body builders use the Cryoskin Revolution to enhance their shred. 

With fat-freezing your body needs time to metabolise your dead fat cells. This means you can only have one treatment area at a time and you need to wait at least 2 weeks between each treatment. You can have a cryo-toning session or facial weekly or between fat freezing sessions as these sessions do not result in cell death. 

We recommend an initial program of 3 treatments in the first 6 weeks to get optimal fat loss results or improved skin texture. Although fat loss is permanent, you will have remaining fat cells that can expand over time. We will work with you to develop the optimal program following your initial treatment schedule. 

Yes despite being safe, there are some people who should not do cryo therapy. This is why we conduct a medical assessment questionnaire during our initial consult. Contradictions include Raynaud's syndrome, poor circulation, pregnant or breastfeeding mothers, diabetes or neuropathy, cancer, liver or kidney disease or botox/fillers within the last 3months (facials only).

Anything to support lymphatic drainage will be of benefit. This includes exercise or vibration plates and massage. You can purchase a lymphatic massager for home. Additionally sugar should be avoided immediately after the procedure as insulin spikes can stimulate fat cells. Drink a little extra water during the day following the treatment.